1. Say yes to Suzanis

  1. Suzani is a type of embroidered fabric originating in Central Asia. Is it stylish? Yes. Is it a carpet? Basically, is it more than that? Of course it is. The suzani fabrics are all vintage treasures that we have collected in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.
    All our spectacular suzani jackets start from a bold weave, animated with intricate patterns and rich colors, and are usually cotton or silk based with lush silk and wool embroidery. The designs reflect common motifs of flowers, animals, vines, and fruits that are local to the areas where they were originally produced.
    No wonder suzanis are traditionally part of a woman’s dowry to decorate her home.
    “All the colors and patterns stand out in the guest room,” says Betsy Burnham from the California retreat. An old-fashioned suzani headboard and Moroccan carpets give it a real bohemian look. And if you don’t want to upholster the headboard, just hang some fabric behind the bed
  2. Inspired by nature
    Designed by Studio Razavi, this eclectic Parisian flat is a real breath of fresh air. Not only does it prove that a mural can be used in a minimalist setting (the grey color palette contributes to this), but it is also a great example of how to design a living room that is both fun and casual and sophisticated and formal.
    The key Seating should be comfortable and the materials should be casual but clean.
    Natural materials are widely used in the Bohemian style, as well as natural colors. Thus, while materials such as wood and wicker are essential, so are bohemian fashion materials such as cotton, leather, and linen.
    This also gives way to the predominance of natural color combinations such as browns, yellows, ochres, and reds. The indoor and outdoor plants in the design can be used to integrate greenery into the warm color palette of the ensemble, encouraging a natural look.
  3. Use of flexible materials
    You know you have succeeded in introducing bohemian style into a room when the mere sight of it makes you want to jump across the screen and get comfortable in bed. In this case, it’s thanks to a palette of soft, neutral colors and soft, fluffy textures.
    Carefully plan for the use of bohemian decorative materials
    Bohemian is not just a question of what you can use. It will naturally also include elements that you should avoid. This is especially true with regard to the decorative materials you intend to use.

It is always good to keep the natural elements in mind with a neutral color palette in this style of design. Hanging plants are a wonderful bohemian accessory. Taking advantage of natural light is another good example of what we are talking about.
While you can certainly introduce bohemian elements into a modern space, you have to be careful not to add them to the modern part of the equation. The idea is to avoid things that emphasize a minimal decorative approach. There is the use of limited resources to create something comfortable, and then there are decorative materials that create something elegant and resolutely away from the kind of warm, earthy tones for which bohemian is known.
Bohemia is the opportunity to combine things like burlap and silk in the same room. It is also an opportunity to introduce materials and pieces that have that slightly worn and attractive look into your space.

  1. Stay upstairs
    As bohemian chic is defined by a relaxed lifestyle, floor chairs, linen fabrics, and low-hanging lamps create the perfect ambiance. In this gathering place, designed by Robert McKinley’s studio, the lemon and earth green paint takes you to a new level, like a rocking chair with an unusual accent.
    If you are lucky enough to travel to distant countries, look for beautiful souvenirs that will help you feel at home in an ethnic and eclectic way with authentic pieces. But if you don’t have that luxury, shop at import shops or retailers like West Elm and World Market for global accents that are inexpensive and closer to home. You can also decorate with an authentic vintage globe, a charming and original travel accessory.
  2. Stick to one color
    Cool blues can have a bohemian look when combined with natural textures, such as the chess chairs, lamps, and shades in Colleen Bashaw’s dining room. The wallpaper also matches the theme, a Brett Design pattern with large woven dots.
  3. Maintaining neutrality
    The bohemian design does not need to shine with bright colors and wild impressions. This fair, for example, shows great restraint in the use of green and natural materials. The organic planters and natural stone tables also reflect the perfect balance between casual, bohemian, and sophisticated living.
  4. Bedroom tent
    This eclectic house designed by Sean Scherer is a real treasure trove of antiques, original fabrics, and unusual decorations. This guest room is a perfect example of this and such a fun mix of styles. It’s a more classic version of bohemian life, with lots of retro floral prints and upholstery fabrics everywhere.
    Periodic curtains were stretched and hung from wooden poles and then attached to the walls and ceiling to create an extravagant space. “It looks like a floral tent,” says Scherer.
  5. A mixture of lush patterns
    Whirlpools of grey and white add a soothing charm to this bathroom designed by Colleen Bashaw. Cole & Son’s “Palm Leaves” wallpaper refers to both the tiled floor and the curved side chair while introducing a vibrant floral pattern into the mix.
  6. Go Thrifting
    Designer Jonathan Berger has applied an eclectic design to this brown granite piece. He found Suzani on eBay, and the Venetian-inspired curved headboard is covered in Clarence House New Orleans velvet, which looks like iron but is much softer to the touch.
    An old Aubusson III tapestry covered with Napoleon rope adds a touch of French country chic and overall finds a nice balance between polished chic and bohemian chic.
  7. Reusable items
    Heidi Caillier has raised the humidity level with a sheepskin rug, whimsical prints, and eclectic furniture in this bohemian-style salon.
    A vintage side table turned over in a chest, rattan chair frames, and a sheepskin bedspread is always a must in a bohemian style decor.