If you want to add a unique, elegant, and warm touch to your home, consider the sophisticated and mysterious elements of Moroccan style. From bright colors to intricate wood designs and mosaic tiles, this luxurious, dramatic and exciting style is very popular in modern homes.
Situated between Europe and Africa, Morocco is a country influenced by the mix of many cultures that surround it.
Moroccan decor collects the styles of France, Portugal and Spain in the northwest with the power of Mediterranean, African, Persian and Islamic influences in the south and east. The result is an inspiring bohemian style unique to Morocco.
Carefree bohemian interiors are becoming the norm in today’s interior design world and in many forms. There are rooms inspired by the 1970s and filled with vintage objects.
There are homes artfully decorated with macramé and tassels. There are also bohemian-style interiors that take on a global look thanks to objects that seem to have been discovered in a faraway land.
Moroccan decor is a well-chosen way to add a touch of drama to bohemian decor. The representative of an African country decorated for centuries with lanterns, motifs and sophisticated accents, elements have been taken from grand Moroccan salons and brought into modern homes.
It’s a style that can coordinate with almost any form of existing decor, and is sure to capture the eyes and hearts of any guest who enters your home.
Hot climates mean that people spend a lot of time in cool rooms. Interiors often combine elements of nature, bright colors, richly decorated furniture and accessories, potted plants and soft lighting to create the perfect ambience in the room. Here are some more specific ways to incorporate elements of this particular style into your home.
Take inspiration from the Moroccan landscape when choosing a color palette. Shades of blue, green and turquoise are reminiscent of the surrounding oceans, shimmering images of gold and silver are reminiscent of the desert, and deep reds and oranges are reminiscent of beautiful, intense sunsets.
To imagine a Moroccan-inspired bedroom, think of a room with walls painted deep orange or terracotta, furniture upholstered in intricately patterned red fabrics and cushions in contrasting colors, such as blue, green, gold and pink, with equally charged patterns.
If you prefer a neutral color palette, the Moroccan style includes soft earth tones that reflect the hues of the desert. Neutral Moroccan bohemian decor comprises bright white walls and furniture mingled with colors like sand, beige, cream and taupe.
A Moroccan room in neutral tones includes highly textured fabrics for seating upholstery, as well as tactile woven fabrics on the cushions.
All Moroccan furniture, whether sofas, armchairs, footstools or decorative hand-carved wooden tables, sits on the floor for comfort and relaxation. The character of Moroccan-style furniture is raw, casual and features complex carvings, mother-of-pearl inlay or mosaics.
Moroccan bohemian decor is characterized by an abundance of lush fabrics in bright colors, intricate textures and ornate designs. Upholstered seating includes velvet and silk.
Luxurious fabrics are spread across all types of surfaces, including Moroccan wedding blankets, on the seats, on the tables, from the windows and from the ceiling. Hang colorful silks over seating or corners of the dining room, and hang mosquito nets from bed canopies.
lighting, mirrors, accent rugs and plants are important elements of bohemian Moroccan decor. Mixing these types of accessories will create the Moroccan-style oasis you’re looking for.
Illuminate the room with lamps and pendants in geometric shapes of colored or stained glass, polished metal and carved wood.
Hang mirrors with decorative frames of wrought iron, deeply carved wood, onion-shaped frames, mosaic, metal or jeweled ornaments.
Place lots of cushions and blankets on the floor on a Moroccan Beni Ourain rug (a thick, fluffy Berber carpet), a flat-woven kilim or ceramic tiles for a touch of freshness.
Scatter tropical plants, such as bananas or papyrus, in large pots or colorful baskets.
Place decorative brass or copper trays on tables and pouffes.
A good perfume will enhance a Moroccan-style room. For the perfect finishing touch, choose candles, incense or diffusers with spicy scents such as cinnamon, nutmeg or saffron. Try the sweet scent of jasmine or orange blossom with accents of ginger, oak rose, clove and musky tones of sandalwood.
Moroccan furniture never shies away from patterns and bright colors; in fact, these are the main identifying elements of Moroccan furniture. To add a touch of worldliness to a bed or sofa, add patterned cushions as colorful accents.

Richly patterned rugs are another staple of Moroccan decor; it’s safe to say that no Moroccan-inspired piece is complete without them. Diamond patterns are often found in Moroccan rugs.
Tiles in bright, contrasting tones are a very common feature of authentic Moroccan rooms. Moroccan patterned tiles are particularly striking, as are bathroom floors in black and cream, navy blue and white.
Moroccan decor is one of those styles that can be modified to suit individual tastes. If you choose to be bold, Moroccan decor allows you to be loud or go home, with large, intricate patterns, bold colorss and surprising details that can be layered on top of each other.
The footstool has been a Moroccan tradition for hundreds of years. It serves as a pouffe or as a simple, makeshift seat in your living space.
You can bring this classic touch to your living room with a footstool, which you can often buy at Target, Home Goods and other shops. This embroidered footstool is the perfect addition to your living room.
Bohemian Moroccan decor revolves around texture, which is woven into rooms with pillows, blankets, sheets, rugs and carpets. For a subtle visual effect, choose Moroccan-inspired textiles in the same color palette, making texture the most interesting thing in the room.

Metal lamps are another classic Moroccan decor element. Whether they’re lanterns or pendants that let in glimpses of light, Moroccan lamps add a touch of magic to the room.
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