Simplified Bohemian Style for Your Home

The bohemian design is made up of bright, patterned, multicultural, layered, and memorable elements that make it unique and hard to miss.
The term “bohemian” refers to people who are socially unconventional or who tend to engage in the arts.
But what makes the bohemian style so special and viable?
In our design style series, we explain the basics of the different movements you should consider for your home, but here we explore proven ways to perfectly design a bohemian space of your own, with the advice of décor aid’s designers.

About boho interiors
The most striking feature of this style is undoubtedly the combination of textures, colors, and patterns incorporated into the interiors. In addition, boho-style interiors also have cultural influences from different parts of the world.
In this regard, it should be noted that people who want everything to be in perfect order and who like to spend time in rooms that have a separate place for each element, should never opt for a bohemian décor.

The unpredictable, unusual, and brilliant mixes that Boho interiors support tend to appeal to people who want their home to have an original interior. If you want your home to be an extension of your personality, you should choose this style. According to experts, Boho interiors are the ideal choice for people who want their homes to look lively and interesting.

A simple basis

To create a solid base, start with a simple base color for any bohemian-style room. Warm, earthy tones provide the perfect canvas.
Choosing a neutral base also allows you to overlay bright colors and prints to create the perfect blend, but without being flashy or intrusive.
To infuse a neutral tone with color, the base tone must be cut to create a soothing, harmonious oasis that boasts modern bohemian décor.
If you choose a lighter base tone, it may be too rich and you’re sure to get bored quickly with a somewhat chaotic starting point. For durability, opt for a neutral color palette.

Plants are perfect for bohemian style because they are inexpensive and easy to find. Plants also serve to clean the air, but also to add a little color without distracting the eye from the rest of the design or confusing the eye.

Hanging plants can also add the perfect bohemian element to any bohemian space, and are a beautiful and fun way to add interest and depth.
Be creative with your planters and remember that they are unique and beautifully designed.
From the simple woven hanging basket to the more decorative and sculptural, plants on different scales are an effective way to bring your bohemian-style home to life.

Playing with patterns

Overlaying similar patterns is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to master the bohemian style and should add a decadent note to any area.
The key here is to incorporate a variety of patterns, from carpets with contrasting patterns to colorful pillows and blankets.
Play with the mix and contrast of different patterns, shapes, scales, and styles to easily create a lush bohemian ambiance.
That said, keeps a consistent color theme so that the look is consistent and avoids a sense of chaos.
Choose shades that you can find to keep all rooms up-to-date, especially in darker, more luxurious colors like burgundy, emerald green, or deep purple.

Underestimated furniture

It may sound strange, but the closer you get to the ground, the closer you get to create an authentic bohemian-style house.
Think of a low-back sofa with a footstool next to it for extra seating, and lots of comfortable, soft cushions.
Or, if you plan to sit on the floor, use a comfortable rug as a starting point and complete the set with cushions of different sizes and styles to make you feel comfortable.
Find comfortable and timeless furniture in antique shops and local flea markets (ideal for eclectic decoration on a small budget) to complement a chic bohemian-style lounge, perfect for entertaining guests.
Choose wearing parts

The bohemian style consists of well-maintained parts that look as if they were bought in a faraway market in an exotic place.
Materials and furniture should therefore look as if they have lived a life before entering your home for added charm.
Choose rooms that seem to have a personal history (even if it’s something you picked up at a local sale and don’t know where it came from) the more charming the bohemian design, the more beautiful it will look in a small, eclectic space.

Bohemian design can be more of carefree maximalist than an empty surface and white spaces. That said, keep your bohemian room decor full of finds, but for bohemian-style rooms, our designers recommend a reduced view.
Inject personality into your entire bohemian home and make sure that everything you love and have collected over the years is on display.
Bohemian style is all about placing knick-knacks and treasures to tell a story, but make sure you have enough surface and wall space to enhance the decor and display your artwork.
However, bohemian decorations should not be reminiscent of something that looks like a collector’s home.
Everything should have a place and a purpose, but don’t be rigid in your choice of location
Bright color

You think of bohemian decor, you think of bright colors and bold shades. From yarns to purples, oranges, and greens, the bolder the better when it comes to luxury bohemian decor.
The shades of the jewelry are particularly well suited to bohemian decoration, and the deep and luxurious shades uniquely make a comfortable space in bohemian decoration.
Consider buying a Moroccan bedspread in deep tones for bohemian-style room decoration and contrast it with glossy bedding for bohemian-style room decoration.
Metal and mirrors

Metal surfaces and mirrors are a hallmark of bohemian interiors, especially for making a modern bohemian living room brighter and more spacious.
Metal surfaces and mirrors can be the focal point of a bedroom, in addition to everyday glamour.