If wearing the same suit from Monday to Friday has left you with an empty mind when it comes to weekend dressing, we have the antidote. It comes in the form of a bohemian style that will inspire your wardrobe and revitalize your casual style.
A bohemian is defined as “a socially eclectic person, especially devoted to the arts”. In other words? Someone who creates his or her own rules and finds beauty in everyday life. This is a good idea, but how does it translate into a style of dress?
The answer is, with a notion of nonconformist that offers a refreshing departure from the modern, minimalist and uncluttered aesthetics of the modern age.
Silhouettes are relaxed and styles are made comfortable and casual for the wearer. Prints and colors are injected in a bold and expressive way. The fabrics are natural and pure. The details have a vintage charm and the accessories are handcrafted and abundant. Still don’t get it? Let us show you.
As we have already mentioned, the Bohemian style for men is meant to be loose, wide, comfortable and pleasant to wear. To achieve this, nothing is better than wearing clothes made of natural materials such as linen. Linen is a material that can be found on both shirts and trousers.
If we are talking about bohemian men’s style, it is obvious to talk about accessories. This style of men’s clothing is also known to be rich in accessories. So you can wear hats, bracelets, necklaces, rings, glasses and earrings.
Bohemian style is about expressing yourself and being comfortable with what you wear. While modern life tries to dictate that men wear trousers almost everywhere except at the beach, bohemians are breaking the mould and adopting shorts.
Their free-spirited lifestyle is reflected in this casual clothing, as is their casual attitude. True to the expressive nature of the bohemian style, printed shorts are an essential part of the wardrobe for men who want to wear this look.
Botanical prints and ornate patterns in shorts and Chinese style will be your ticket to keep this look elegant. However, if you like a more traditional look, opt for classic style trousers with a long, loose fit. The exaggerated silhouette will give you the casual look you are looking for and add a bit of vintage charm.
When the weather is too cold for shorts, bohos turn to two different types of pants to ensure coverage and style. The first of these types of trousers is jeans. Jeans are a basic part of every man’s wardrobe, and bohemians are no exception.
To get the bohemian look, make sure your jeans are the right style for leisure. Forget the dark, sharp jeans you wear to the office on Fridays, and opt instead for sturdy, ripped jeans in light or medium blue. A slim silhouette is preferable, while cuffed cuffs are optional.
While these jeans fit the carefree nature of the bohemian style, pleated trousers create an old-world feel that suits your vintage style. Wear them slightly loose at the leg and belted at the waist to complete the look.
When trying out a new bohemian style, a printed shirt is a must. What the preferable way to show off your eclectic personality than with a shirt that doesn’t conform to traditional menswear rules? So leave the stripes and checks for the office and unleash your creative side.
Whether you like floral prints, paisleys or even subtle animal prints, you can’t go wrong with a boho shirt. Just make sure it’s eye-catching and unique. To enhance your bohemian look, choose a lightweight cotton model and “forget” about ironing.
Wrinkles in the airy fabric will look elegantly sloppy and scruffy. In terms of shape, loose-fitting and unconventionally short sleeves are best. Long sleeves rolled up and a few open buttons carry the same carefree attitude.
Bohemian style is based on unstructured silhouettes and rough details at the edges. Therefore, it wouldn’t be appropriate to wear a fitted blazer over your cashmere shirt and distressed jeans.
Instead, your look calls for something more relaxed, like a cardigan. The style is perfect for the comfortable, vintage nature of bohemian dressing. Avoid making the look too prudish by choosing loose-fitting shapes and leaving the buttons undone.
If you can find one that looks a little worn or has pulls or holes in it, even better. Also, consider a knitted or crocheted cardigan as a good option for warmer weather. Or something light, oversized and patterned is a good option as a back-up.
If you’re following the bohemian trend, you’re bound to have heard of bohemian chic. But what is bohemian chic for men? It’s a variation of bohemian style that is more modern and elegant. The clothes used are more fitted and the colors are less dominant. We’re talking about a more minimalist style, more up-to-date, put forward by the hipster movement.
For your bohemian chic outfit, you can for example wear a white shirt with straps for the vintage and refined side, with a khaki green chino and a black hat. Ethnic motifs and pieces like the pants are discarded.
The chino is very much used in the bohemian chic style, it is a neutral and elegant piece that goes with all types of tops, and matches the romantic and well-dressed look of the bohemian chic movement.
The chino trousers go very well with straps, whether classic or original patterned. Don’t hesitate to add a touch of originality with a piece that stands out from the crowd, bringing color and pep to your bohemian outfit.
Traditional bohemians see bare feet as the only real option, but modern gentlemen no doubt consider it impractical (and a little unhygienic). Instead, the bohos of today’s generation have turned to sandals. Casual, but undeniably more stylish than flip-flops, sandals are the ideal footwear to complete a bohemian look. Even if you’re tempted to throw on a pair of Nike pool sandals or hipster velcro sandals, stop it. Bohemian is synonymous with art, so to dress as such, your outfit should feature clever details. Leather straps are definitely the way to go for sandals. When the weather cools down, opt for leather too. Choose a pair of loafers with a slightly worn or “broken in” look.
Keep styles loose, light and unstructured.
Go for a relaxed and expressive look with vintage and handcrafted details.
Always add some patterns.
Accessories are a must.
Keep your grooming to a minimum, with tousled hair and an unshaven face.
Forget ironing, wrinkles are cool.
Head to the thrift shop for casual bohemian pieces.

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